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Butlers' Digital Models supplies stl files for wargamers to 3D print in resin or PLA from 1:285 scale to 1:48 scale.

Everything on this website is a digital download - so everything is always available.

If you don't want to print the models yourself (or don't know how) then you can buy printed versions of all of these models from Butlers' Printed Models

We've listed models for 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm

These figure sizes are the following scales:
6mm = 1:285 scale
12mm = 1:144 scale
15mm = 1:100 scale
20mm = 1:76 or 1:72 scale
28mm = 1:56 scale or 1:48 scale

Why buy from us?

We guarantee our models are printable

How do we know this? - because Butlers' Printed Models prints them all the time!


Why So Many Sizes?

Yes it is possible to rescale stl files, however that can cause problems and we provide more than just stl files.  Small changes in scale should work fine, however we adjust many features with the scale to create a better quality model.

e.g. The size of the hole in the model for the turret is adjusted with scale so that it doesn't become too loose or too tight.

e.g.  Some important small features are increased in size on smaller models compared to larger models, such as gun barrel diameter.

Each model is supplied in several versions.:
An stl file of the model (for PLA printing)
An stl file with our special support for improved PLA printing
An stl file modified for resin printing
A chitubox file with support added for resin printing (not always provided)

Some models (usually simpler ones) don't need all of these versions, for example when the resin stl is the same as the PLA stl.

Make sure you read our Printing Guide before buying any models.



What about models not listed yet?

Butlers' Printed Models has a large range of models, it's going to take some time to make them all available here.  If there are models on Butlers' Printed Models that you would like us to make available for download them please let us know. 


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